Schedule 6 - General Information

Version 1 - Released and Dated 14th November 2022


The establishment of the Programme was authorised and this Private Placement Memorandum was presented to and approved by a resolution of the Board of Manager(s) of the Issuer passed on 14th November 2022 and the issue of each Series of Notes will be authorised by a separate resolution of the Issuer's Board of Manager(s).

There has been no significant change in the financial or trading position of the Issuer, and no material adverse change in the financial position or prospects of the Issuer in each case, since its incorporation.

There are no governmental, legal or arbitration proceedings (including any such proceedings which are pending or threatened of which the Issuer is aware) which may have or have had since the date of its incorporation, a significant effect on the financial position or profitability of the Issuer.

Each Global Note in bearer form having a maturity of more than one year will bear the following legend: "Any United States person who holds this obligation will be subject to limitations under the United States income tax laws, including the limitations provided in Sections 165(j) and 1287(a) of the Internal Revenue Code."

In respect of a Series of Notes that has been accepted for clearance through the systems of Euroclear Bank SA/NV and/or Clearstream Banking S.A., the Common Code and the ISIN will be set out in the applicable Final Terms.

The information in this Private Placement Memorandum has not been sourced from third parties.

The issue price and the amount of the relevant Notes will be determined, before filing of the applicable Final Terms of each Series, based on the prevailing market conditions. The Issuer does not intend to provide any post-issue information in relation to any issues of Notes or in relation to the assets of a Compartment.

For so long as Notes are in issue under the Programme, copies of the following documents will be available on the Website ( or in printed form, free of charge, during normal working hours on any business day, for inspection at the registered office of the Issuer and at the office of the Paying Agent:

(i) a copy of this Private Placement Memorandum together with any supplement to this Private Placement Memorandum,

(ii) the articles of association of the Management Company, the General Management Regulation of the Securitisation Fund and the Specific Management Regulation of the Compartment(s),

(iii) if any, a copy of the Agency Agreement, Settlement Agreement and any Security Trustee Agreement,

(iv) copies of the form of Subscription Agreements,

(v) Final Terms,

(vi) copies of the latest approved annual accounts of the Issuer, and

(vii) such other documents as may be required by the rules of any stock exchange on which any Note is at the relevant time listed,

(viii) the domiciliation agreement,

(ix) if any, the Index Provider agreement,

(x) Calculation Agent and or / Central Administration Service Agreement,

(xi) Custodian Agreement, and an

(xii) audit report if and when available. Any documents relating to a Note which is not listed and admitted to trading on any stock exchange or market (including multilateral trading facility) will only be available for inspection by a holder of such Note and such holder must produce evidence satisfactory as to its holding of Notes and identity.

In case of listing of a Series of Notes on the Official List of and admission to trading on the professional segment of the Euro MTF (“Euro MTF”) operated by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, this Private Placement Memorandum will be published on the website of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange together with any relevant supplement and applicable Final Terms of the Series.

The Issuer does not intend to provide post-issue information regarding Notes to be listed on a stock exchange or, where applicable, the performance of the assets of any of its Compartments.

Any websites included in the Private Placement Memorandum are for information purposes only and do not form part of the Private Placement Memorandum.

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