Protocol Roadmap

The Frictionless protocol is an upgradable and extensible market infrastructure. The protocol is developed by the IP company DEFYCA Labs S.à.r.l, which develops the smart contract suite under the permissive MIT license.

To contribute or request features to the protocol, please consult the CONTRIBUTING documentation for the smart contract suite.

The roadmap for the Frictionless protocol smart contracts includes:

  1. Fundamental Analysis - Using the PERMISSIONED_CALCULATING_AGENT role to provide fundamental analysis on underlying portfolios via smart contracts in privacy-protecting mode.

  2. Qualified Transfer Agents - Opening access to 3rd party transfer agents to execute the transfer and settlement of securities issued on the Frictionless protocol in accordance with local regulatory posture.

  3. Portfolio Re-Balancers - A suite of smart contracts which enable PERMISSIONED_INVESTORS to automatically re-balance their portfolio of investments according to their specific investment goals.

The broader roadmap includes features which are commercially developed by Frictionless Markets S.à.r.l, which can be requested via the site.

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