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Inherits: IAbstractFeeModule

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State Variables


Use SafeERC20 for any ERC20 token in the conversion

represents 0 bps in fees (the minima of fees or 0%)

uint256 public constant ZERO_FEES_IN_BPS = 0;


represents 10000 bps in fees (the maxima of fees or 100%)

uint256 public constant MAX_FEES_IN_BPS = 10000;


mapping(bytes32 => FeeInfo) private _feesInfo;



function getFeeInfo(bytes32 tokenFeeKey_) public view override returns (FeeInfo memory);


function getFeeInBps(bytes32 tokenFeeKey_) public view override returns (uint256);


function getFeeRecipient(bytes32 tokenFeeKey_) public view override returns (address);


function calculateFeeAmount(uint256 tokensAmount_, uint256 feeInBps_)
    returns (uint256 feeAmount_);


Shouldnt arrise due to validation, but being doubly sure, we can't compute incorrect fees.

function _setTokenFee(bytes32 feeKey_, FeeInfo memory feeInfo_) internal;


function _transferFees(bytes32 feeKey_, IERC20 token_, address tokenSender_, uint256 tokensAmount_)
    returns (uint256);


Validates the FeeInfo, specifically validates the non zero address of the feeRecipientAddr and the range for the feeInBps (0 to MAX_FEES_IN_BPS).

function _validateFeeInfo(FeeInfo memory feeInfo_) internal pure;





the FeeInfo to validate. throws AbstractFeeModuleInvalidFeeRecipient if the feeRecipientAddr is a zero address throws AbstractFeeModuleInvalidFee if the feeInBps is not in the valid range (ZERO_FEES_IN_BPS to MAX_FEES_IN_BPS)


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