Institutional Deposit Tokens

The attestations for Frictionless Institutional Deposit Tokens are proved by the PERMISSIONED_FUND_ACCOUNTANT (Creatrust Luxembourg) and are publicly available at

Always check that the smart contracts you interact with are valid contracts issued by the Frictionless Markets Protocol Administrator.

The PROTOCOL_ADMIN address is 0x55749224f94d79687Ba3955db2180d7C5D7D2409

Any other address purporting to offer the Frictionless protocol is not valid.

If you have any queries or wish to report any suspected issues, please contact the protocol admin team via

Deployed Institutional Deposit Tokens

The Frictionless PROTOCOL_ADMIN has deployed the following FrictionlessFundDepositTokens.

Structure of Frictionless Institutional Deposit Tokens

The Frictionless Institutional Deposit Token (FricitonlessFundDepositToken) is designed as a method of recording a FIAT contribution for a PERMISSIONED_INVESTOR into a listed fund on the Frictionless protocol.

Neither Frictionless Markets nor its parent company DEFYA HOLDINGS nor any subsidiaries actively manage currency contributions for Investors or permissioned participants in the protocol. All investment decisions must made exclusively by Investors or their appointed wealth advisors or agents.

The Frictionless Markets team passively manages a collection of open-ended fund structures which are designed to securitise the currency contributions, so thereafter these tokens can be used to record payment, settlement and trade in tokenized securities from funds listed on the Frictionless protocol.

The following high-level diagram describes the main participants and their high-level interaction with the protocol.

For more information on the legal structure of the FRICTIONLESS MARKETS SECURITIES FT, consult our legal & fund documentation

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